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Updated September 7, 2017

Film discussion

This is your page, where you can have your say on what you thought of our last showing. Just email your comments here please.

Your comments:

March 22nd shows a brilliant full-length cartoon based, loosely, on a Tour de France hopeful. I bought a copy some years ago and every time I run it I spot something new. Look out for his devoted mother tweaking his legs with an egg whisk and mowing his stomach with a lawnmower; the Basset barking every time a train passes and the 2CV's headlights sweeping the Paris cobbles. Artistically crossing the stormy Atlantic is pure Art Nouveau. A sheer delight, not just hilarious but very, very clever.

Dave Patten




And our very own Tacchi

For those who have doubted that Kathleen Tacchi-Morris ever appeared in films, here is a clip from Men are not Gods made in 1936 by Alexander Korda, along with Gertrude Lawrence, Miriam Hopkins, Rex Harrison, Val Gielgud etc. The DVD is available to view at most moderate cost from Dave Patten tel 490782.